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Exklusive Videopremiere:„How to dismantle a Life“

Halie Loren steigert die Vorfreude auf ihr neues Album mit einem Video zur Vorabsingle „How to dismantle a Life“, frei nach dem Motto: Trennung als Chance.

Am 22. Juni erscheint mit „From the wild Sky“ das neue Album der Jazz-Songwriterin Halie Loren. Um uns die Wartezeit zu verkürzen, veröffentlicht sie schon jetzt ein Video zu dem Song „How to dismantle a Life“, mit dem sie Trennungen als Befreiungsschlag umdefiniert. „,How to dismantle a Life’ is, at its core, a positive breakup song – one that, in my opinion, there are far too few of in the world. Not all relationships are good to stay in indefinitely, after all – sometimes a sigh of relief is the healthiest response to calling things quits! The song and the video both serve in different ways to celebrate following one’s own heart and escaping the cycle of codependency… which is no easy task!“, so die US-Amerikanerin.

Auch die Dreharbeiten mit Regisseurin Monica Graves waren laut Halie Loren eine einzige Party: „We had a lot of fun dreaming up the vision for, and then creating, the music video for this song. I got to access my inner actress, not take myself at all seriously, AND work with a crazy amount of props, and I got to be showered with CONFETTI! Who doesn’t love getting pelted with confetti? The video’s director, Monica Graves, and I have known each other for 20 years, and we’ve worked together with video projects several times, so there was plenty of great camaraderie and good vibes throughout the process, and she was happy to try out all my crazy ideas. The whole experience was like one big party… a 12 hour party involving 10 people and a week of planning, but it was all well worth it for those three minutes and fifteen seconds of video.“


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